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Get ready to level up your collection with the "Mario's Mystery Block!" This treasure trove of loot is like a warp pipe straight to nostalgia-infused adulthood fun! Imagine unboxing a box of surprises that's more thrilling than a Rainbow Road race! You may receive anything from power-up clothing that'll make you feel like a Superstar to novelty toys, Switch accessories, and more! 

And if you've ever dreamt of decking out your space with a dash of Nintendo magic, brace yourself for collectibles that'll complete your game room! We're talking about a combo of officially licensed and inspired goodies and unique gems inspired by the legends at Nintendo. 

And, get this – your mystery-packed loot is guaranteed to be worth at least $40.00! Nintendo isn't just a brand. From the classic NES that started it all, to the Switch that's more versatile than a shape-shifting Boo, Nintendo's been bossing the art of interactive entertainment. And all those characters? They're more iconic than the Mushroom Kingdom itself! 

So, if you're ready to power-up your day with surprises hotter than a Fire Flower, and geek out over Nintendo in ways even Bowser would envy, then snatch up your very own Mystery Block – because fun, my friends, is the name of the game! 


Behold the Mystery: Each Mystery Block is packed with a BRAND NEW Switch game, officially licensed and inspired treasures and unique mystery items – guaranteed to be worth a smashing $100.00 at the very least!

Geek Out in Style: From power-up toys to novelty loot, gear up like a superstar and flaunt your inner gamer like never before!

Warp Zone to Fun: Nintendo isn't just a brand; it's an entire universe where fun reigns supreme and characters are more iconic than the Mushroom Kingdom itself!

Unbox Nostalgia: Dive in and level up your grown-up life with a symphony of surprises straight from the Nintendo brand's finest!

IMPORTANT: Mario's Mystery Block ships in the box shown and as-is with no outer box. Ordering more than 1 will result in duplicate items.


Prepare to supercharge your collection with the all-new "Mario's Mystery Block: Console Wars Edition!" This box isn't just a warp pipe to nostalgia; it's a portal to the ultimate gaming universe. Unbox a blend of surprises that’s more exhilarating than a high-speed chase in Rainbow Road! Inside, you might find an array of power-up toys to elevate your gaming experience, novelty items, accessories for your Switch, PlayStation, or Xbox, and much more!

Ever dreamt of a game room that's the envy of every console kingdom? Brace yourself. We’re delivering collectibles and goodies that span the iconic worlds of Nintendo, the cutting-edge realms of PlayStation, and the dynamic universes of Xbox. This fusion of officially licensed merchandise and unique, inspired gems celebrates the legends across all gaming platforms.

And the best part? Your mystery-packed treasure guarantees a value of at least $100.00! From the classic NES and the versatile Switch to the immersive worlds of PlayStation 4 and 5, and the powerful performance of Xbox, we're uniting the titans of interactive entertainment. Each character, each world, they're not just iconic; they're a testament to the evolution of gaming!

If you're ready to ignite your day with surprises that are hotter than a Fire Flower and more thrilling than a PlayStation VR ride, if you're eager to geek out over a collection that even Master Chief and Kratos would admire, then it’s time to claim your very own Mystery Block. Fun isn’t just the name of the game; it's an epic cross-console adventure!