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Get ready to level up your collection with the "Mario's Mystery Block!" This treasure trove of loot is like a warp pipe straight to nostalgia-infused adulthood fun! Imagine unboxing a box of surprises that's more thrilling than a Rainbow Road race! You may receive anything from power-up clothing that'll make you feel like a Superstar to novelty toys, Switch accessories, and more! 

And if you've ever dreamt of decking out your space with a dash of Nintendo magic, brace yourself for collectibles that'll complete your game room! We're talking about a combo of officially licensed and inspired goodies and unique gems inspired by the legends at Nintendo. 

And, get this – your mystery-packed loot is guaranteed to be worth at least $40.00! Nintendo isn't just a brand. From the classic NES that started it all, to the Switch that's more versatile than a shape-shifting Boo, Nintendo's been bossing the art of interactive entertainment. And all those characters? They're more iconic than the Mushroom Kingdom itself! 

So, if you're ready to power-up your day with surprises hotter than a Fire Flower, and geek out over Nintendo in ways even Bowser would envy, then snatch up your very own Mystery Block – because fun, my friends, is the name of the game! 


Behold the Mystery: Each Mystery Block is packed with a BRAND NEW Switch game, officially licensed and inspired treasures and unique mystery items – guaranteed to be worth a smashing $100.00 at the very least!

Geek Out in Style: From power-up toys to novelty loot, gear up like a superstar and flaunt your inner gamer like never before!

Warp Zone to Fun: Nintendo isn't just a brand; it's an entire universe where fun reigns supreme and characters are more iconic than the Mushroom Kingdom itself!

Unbox Nostalgia: Dive in and level up your grown-up life with a symphony of surprises straight from the Nintendo brand's finest!

IMPORTANT: Mario's Mystery Block ships in the box shown and as-is with no outer box. Ordering more than 1 will result in duplicate items.